4 Of The Most Luxurious And Expensive Towers In Tehran

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

We will introduce you to the 4 the most luxurious and expensive towers in Tehran, which are the realm of the richest families in Tehran.

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

Tehran, a crowded city that holds millions of people, People come from every level, today we look at the whereabouts of those billionaires.

You should have a special social status, be educated, well-informed, and have a small family population so you can buy the famous luxury homes in Tehran.

The towers are home to prominent personalities such as Carlos Queiroz, football coach, Ali Daei, Karim Bagheri and other well-known figures.

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

The towers that have dedicated helicopter landing gear have hired specialist doctors and sports trainers for the most part, as well as dedicated caravans and vertical gardens, are among their other options.

Apart from these, towers have Internet objects and you can switch off your home lights forever and run the Microwave at a certain time or use a remote control to wash your washing machine.

We will continue to discuss some of Tehran’s most famous towers and their multimillion settlers.

Here are some of Tehran’s most famous towers:


Chenaran Tower

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

The Chenaran Tower is located in the Elahieh district of Tehran, where the luxurious Tehran’s homes are located.

This beautiful tower is located on 13 floors and 26 residential units with a lot of facilities on an area of about 9,000 square meters.

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

This luxury structure, located in the top five buildings of Tehran, has 13 floors and 26 residential units. The area of these luxury homes is between 320 and 640 square meters.

Each floor is one, two or three units and on the last floor there is a penthouse. The complex consists of 2,000 meters of the lobby with a height of 12 meters, a 500 m² swimming pool and a well-equipped gym.


Alton Court Tower

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

The Alton Court Tower has a helicopter band. A gurney built in the Niavaran area of Tehran.

Alton is built on 24 floors and is 60 units. The building has two penthouses of 500 and 700 meters, with unique features.

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

Alton units have been constructed from 250 to 700 meters, each facility being different in size. 


Rolex Tower

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

It also seems to be a luxury and expensive vendor with a specialist doctor. The Rolex Tower is also one of the most magnificent and most spectacular residential towers in Tehran, with billions of dollars high.

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

One of the features of this tower is that some people live there. One of these people is Ali Daei who lives in the exceptional and extraordinary penthouse of this tower.

In addition to Ali Daei, Karim Bagheri is one of the prominent people living in this tower. The Rolex Tower has 52 luxurious and fully luxurious units ranging from 130 meters to 300 square meters.


Roma Residence Residential Tower

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

This tower is one of the smartest buildings in Tehran. The luxurious and smartest amenities that can be thought of being in this tower.

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

The 1,000-meter lobby of this tower is one of the most beautiful lobbies in Tehran’s towers, whose splendor and glory resemble the Palace of Versailles in France, which is also due to its renown. 

The area of the tower is 7,000 square meters, located on the northern Kamranieh street.

The Expensive Towers In Tehran

The Romana Residence comprises 65 residential units on 15 floors, all of which are designed in such a way that even the first-floor residents have a unique perspective.

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