Marriage of An Iranian Boy With An African Queen’s Daughter

In the following, you will see different pictures and movies of the marriage of an Iranian boy with an African queen’s daughter.

Marriage With African Queen’s Daughter

Farshad is originally from Araki and studied Civil Engineering. He is 29 years old, and her wife, Fati bocoum, is the same age as him. Alongside construction projects, he is a part-time translator of the French language. Farshad says they have met together in Iran.

You might be wondering what the African lady in Iran was doing? Farshad says: “Two years ago, bocoum traveled to Iran to meet with Persian-friends,”

It was at that time that I went to an interpreter at her hotel and our love story began. “

bocoum was originally from Mali and her mother was a queen from one of the tribes, and her father is a diplomat and a frequent visitor to an Iranian diplomat traveling with his old friends to Iran.

Marriage With African Queen's Daughter

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