Simona Daumantienė, The Lithuanian President’s Personal Bodyguard

The Lithuanian President’s Personal Bodyguard, an attractive woman named Simona Daumantienė, who attracted the attention of social networking users.

Lithuanian President’s Personal Bodyguard

Simona Daumantienė is an employee of the Lithuanian Security Service, a personal protector of the Lithuanian President, Mrs. Dalia Grybauskaitė.

Since security jobs are dangerous and not very suitable for women and everyone thinks that being this job is for men alone, but Simona, unlike all the imaginations, is the bodyguard of the country’s top rank.


The Charming Bodyguard

In a 15-minute interview, Simona said she had a great interest in martial arts since childhood. And she was engaged in sports clubs as a sports coach.

Later he accidentally came to the Lithuanian Security Agency and, after a long way in the health check, anxiety tests, the physical and psychological test of the president’s personal guard.

In this job, should wear a classic suit and there should not be any hairstyle or any other point of interest.

Simona says: It’s not embarrassing me that all guards are men. It’s true that men are stronger, but women also have other benefits, such as reaction speed, intelligence, and many other positive things. I dress and treat in my ordinary life, like other women.

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