SuperShe Island | The Entry of Men on This Island is Forbidden

SuperShe Island is an island in Finland, all inhabitants of which are women, and life and even entry for men are Forbidden.

SuperShe Island, A Forbidden Island For Men

Feminists are looking for a place to spend a holiday that does not have to deal with men in any way. Although it was difficult to locate such a place so far, they will now find this place on the island of “SuperShe Island“, a small island near the coast of Finland.

SuperShe Island is the creator of the imagination of an American entrepreneur Christina Roth who has decided to invest in a fully-fledged housing estate.

The entrepreneur realized that the presence of men alongside women could be distracting them. During a vacation in Calabasas, California, And near a farm in Malibu, She found that women were more focused on men than they were on their own. So the idea of a completely feminine residence came to her mind, where the passengers relaxed without paying attention to men.

Christina, of course, explained that she enjoyed her holidays with men and women, and she did not comment against men. But she felt that the need for a special residence for women without men was needed, Where women are relaxed and just realize themselves.

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  1. Who made all of these structures? Men
    Who is taking care of the security? Men
    Who bring you here and take you out when you are done? Men
    Who is bringing you supplies? Men
    I would actually like to be in a workplace females don’t flirt with me all the time and offer me food, tea, movie outs and tell me silly jokes, thank you. Stay in your island and don’t come out

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