Holi Celebration Of The People Of Pakistan

Pakistani students in Islamabad held a Holi Celebration to welcome the spring. This celebration will also take place in other countries.

Holi Celebration Of The People Of Pakistan To Welcome The Spring

Hindus residing in Pakistan also celebrate Holi, though, of course, is not as grand a fashion as seen in India.

People celebrate the victory of good over evil forces by lighting bonfires called Holika.

The tradition comes from the legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap. In fact, people follow the same traditions and rituals as in India due to their roots in India. People clean their houses and prepare special delicacies like gujiyas, papri and dahi badas.

They meet up with friends and play with the colors, dance and generally have a good time. Hindus usually gather in temples and celebrate the Holi there. Much gaiety can be seen in temples located in cities which have a comparatively greater Hindu population. Such as in Lahore and Sindh region.


Source: Holi Festival

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