The Similarity of Natalia Mirskikh To Jennifer Lopez

In the following, you will see different pictures of the similarity of Natalia Mirskikh a 19-year-old Russian girl to Jennifer Lopez.

Natalia Mirskikh And Jennifer Lopez

A Russian student has revealed she gets mobbed in the street by strangers who think she is Latin singer and actress Jennifer Lopez – even though she’s more than 30 years younger than the megastar.

Annoyed Natalia Mirskikh, from Cheliabinsk, Russia, has just turned 19 – but regularly gets mistaken for Jenny from the Block singer J Lo, who turned 50 earlier this year.

But the savvy teen has decided to embrace the pair’s similar look and says it even helps her secure modeling work.

With her Latin looks and curvy figure, it’s easy to see the similarities between the pair.

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