Get Acquainted With The Richest Men And Women In The World

In the following, you will see different pictures of the richest men and women in the world and you will get acquainted with them.

The Richest Men And Women In The World

Forbes Magazine introduced the world’s richest people according to the past, and by the end of December, Jeff Bezos was once again the richest person in the world.

There are currently two people with a wealth of over $ 5 billion in the world, and to be among the richest three in the world you must have at least $ 1.8 billion in wealth.

The Richest Men In The World


Jeff Bezos

$114.7 billion

Bernard Arnault

$111.1 billion

Bill Gates

$108.3 billion


Warren Buffett

$89.2 billion

Amancio Ortega

$77.2 billion


Mark Zuckerberg

$76 billion

Larry Ellison

$65.6 billion


Carlos Slim

$63.2 billion

Larry Page

$60.7 billion


Sergey Brin

$58.5 billion


The Richest Women In The World


Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

$58.1 billion


Alice Walton

$52.9 billion

Julia Koch

$42.9 billion


MacKenzie Bezos

$36.4 billion

Jacqueline Mars

$30.3 billion

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